Unwanted change of the public IP address of your Windows Azure Cloud Service

I recently had some cases where I lost the public IP address which was assigned to a cloud service within Windows Azure. This was not really a desired scenario because these IP addresses were already used and registered in DNS. The use of a CNAME to *.cloudapp.net was not an option because the use of... Continue Reading →


Assign License to Users with Group Membership

This script can be used to assign users a license who are member of a specific Office365-Security Group. The password in this script is encrypted! Please note that this script only works for users who do not have a license assigned yet. There are a couple of variables used in this script. Please adjust them... Continue Reading →

Create External Contacts with CSV and PowerShell

To create External Contacts in Office 365/Exchange Online I've created a script which uses a CSV file for input. The file must be saved as "Unicode, Semicolon separated" (;) and must contain the following fields: Name Description ExternalEmailAddress Email Address for the contact (this filed cannot contain spaces!) Name Full / Display Name FirstName First... Continue Reading →

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