Create Distribution Group(s) with CSV and PowerShell

To create Distribution Groups in Office 365/Exchange Online I've created a script which uses a CSV file for input. The file must be saved as "Unicode, Semicolon separated" (;) and must contain the following fields: Name Description Name Name of the Shared Mailbox (this field cannot contain spaces!) Display Name Full / Display Name Email... Continue Reading →

Issue: Windows Server 2012 Virtual Machines can only be backed up using saved state

I recently came across an issue in an environment where we used DPM 2012 SP1 to backup Windows Server 2012 Virtual Machines running on Server 2008R2 Hyper-V cluster. The only option available in DPM for the VM's was "Backup Using Saved State". Of course this is not the preferred method for backing up a VM... Continue Reading →

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