Blue Screen when running Check Disk on a Windows Server 2008R2

I had a problem with a Windows Server 2008R2 (Virtual Machine o a Hyper-V Cluster) which was the home for a SQL Server 2008R2: Everytime the server restarted it did a checkdisk on the C-drive. And every time the result was a Blue Screen:

When I did a Check Disk from another server with the disk mapped, there were no errors! So my thoughts: the disk is fine. It was a very frustrating problem because at every boot the message appeared about the OS wanting to check the C-drive.

Finally I noticed that the server didn’t have Service Pack 1 installed and I came across some posts in newsgroups from people who had some similar problems. In the posts the solution was to install Service Pack 1.
It was worth a try J. And guess what: after the installation the Check Disk did not giv me a Blue Screen anymore, but an OK!

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