Blue Screen when running Check Disk on a Windows Server 2008R2

Scenario I had a problem with a Windows Server 2008R2 (Virtual Machine o a Hyper-V Cluster) which was the home for a SQL Server 2008R2: Everytime the server restarted it did a checkdisk on the C-drive. And every time the result was a Blue Screen: When I did a Check Disk from another server with... Continue Reading →

Snapshots of Hyper-V VM with DPM fails on new cluster node

Scenario After adding a new node (4th) to an existing Hyper-V Cluster, DPM backup jobs failed on VM's that where hosted on the new node. For this cluster I use hardware snaphots on a Dell Equallogic SAN. So the "HIT Kit" from Dell was installed on the server and all the other required components to... Continue Reading →

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